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Registered Nurse


Cephas Care

Closing Date: 31/07/20

Registered Nurse

We are currently looking for a Full Time Nurse for days and a Part Time Nurse for Nights 

Week Day Rate £16.11
Weekend Day Rate £19.26
Week Night Rate of Pay £17.39
Weekend Night Rate of Pay £20.88

Any registered nurse at Sun Court Nursing Home must hold current registration with the NMC and conform to the high standards of professional practice, conduct and professional awareness expected of a nurse.

Additionally, is expected to:

1. Maintain professional competence and be accountable for his/her own practice and exercise the leadership role when in charge of a shift;

2. Be compassionate to Sun Court’s service users and to display the positive and caring manner which makes this evident;

3. Conform with the disciplinary regulations of Sun Court Nursing Home;

4. Have excellent communication skills.

Further particular responsibilities of this middle management role include the following:

1. Knowledge and understanding of the policies and procedures of Sun Court Nursing Home;

2. Nursing care of service users in conformity with the policies and procedures of Sun Court Nursing Home;

3. Administration of drugs in conformity with the NMC requirements and the policies and procedures of Sun Court Nursing Home;

4. Liaison with the multi-disciplinary team;

5. Involvement care planning and involvement in the training of nursing auxiliaries;

6. Duties delegated by the Registered Manager or the Matron including responsibility for the operation of Sun Court Nursing Home when in charge of a shift to include the following:

Leadership of the nursing team;

Deployment of staff (nursing and other teams) to ensure that all duties are covered;

Maintenance of the official records of the Nursing Home;

Oversight (and direction when necessary) of the operation of all other work teams in the Nursing Home;

Liaison with service users’ relatives, friends and representatives;

Liaison with Health Care and Social Care Agencies;

Dealing with enquiries relating to the placement of service users at Sun Court;

Maintenance of the good reputation of Sun Court Nursing Home;

7. Duties delegated by the Health and Safety Officer of Sun Court Nursing Home


Please contact Kerry on 01473 322600 or recruitment@cephas-care.co.uk

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