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Personal Assistant/Support Worker DPSS492


Between £8.30-10.00 Per Hour

Part Time

Direct Payment Support Service

Closing Date: 02/07/21

Job description
Listed below are details of the purpose of the job and what tasks are involved. It is important and advisable to refer to this when submitting your application for the post.
Job Purpose: To work with parents to provide support outside of home on a variety of social outings for ‘R’. When support is required at home rather than for outings, then this would be expected to be on a one to one basis to allow parents some respite from their full-time caring role.
Location: Aylsham
Details: ‘R’ has Autism, a learning disability and complex needs which means he needs support with daily activities and support to regulate his emotions. He likes to be active, is full of energy and loves to chat to people. He is particularly interested in how things work and currently this includes talking about washing machines, fans and toilets. He has a good sense of humour and responds to a playful approach.
At times, especially when he is feeling uncomfortable or anxious, he can display challenging behaviour or have a sudden change in mood. You will be given full guidance by his parents on how to help him safely. As ‘R’ is always on the move and very active he needs a high level of supervision to ensure his safety. You will need to be alert and on guard at all times during your shift with him to make sure he remains safe. As ‘R’ grows older and gets to know his PA it is hoped he will manage on a one to one basis without his parents’ present.
A typical shift would include the following support and activities:
·      Accompany ‘R’ to the park or on a walk to the playground and supervise him during this activity.
·      Provide support to ‘R’ at swimming and trampoline sessions.
·      Support ‘R’ in outings to museums, attractions and play centres.
·      Ensure ‘R’ is reminded to go to the toilet and assist with this as necessary.
·      Ensure ‘R’ has adequate support in busy, noisy and crowded places as these situations can cause him stress leading to anxiety and sudden changes in mood.
NB – This job involves working with young people or children

Person specification

Listed below are the skills, competencies and qualities that are essential and desirable for the post. My assessment of these, both on application and at interview, will be the main factor in determining if you are successful. Please refer to these when submitting your application.
·      A knowledge of Autism and its characteristics.
·      Ability to work within a family environment to provide two to one support to ‘R’ alongside his parents; whilst also being confident to work one to one with him to allow parents respite on occasions.
·      Flexibility and a commitment to working hours as agreed with parents is a must.
·      Enjoy physical activity in order to keep up with ‘R’ on all the activities he wishes to participate in.
·      Display a high level of maturity, alertness and confidence in order to fully supervise ‘R’ to ensure his safety.
·      Ability to swim.
·      Experience of working with children in either a professional or personal environment.
Summary terms and conditions
·      The rate of pay for this position is £10 per hour.
·          You won’t normally be required to work on a bank holiday – I may move your hours to be worked at a different time instead.
·      You will be reimbursed for any agreed expenses incurred as part of the role.
·      Hours and times of work: 104 hours per year, typically to be worked one 2-hour shift at the weekend, to be arranged flexibly to suit both parties.
·      The annual holiday entitlement for this position will be equivalent to the work I would normally expect to be done during 5.6 consecutive weeks.
This post is subject to
·      A satisfactory enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check, the cost of which will be covered by the employer.
·      Satisfactory references from two referees, one of which must be your current or last employer.
·      Completion of a satisfactory probationary period of 3 months.
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