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Personal Assistant DPSS287


Direct Payment Support Service

Closing Date: 10/07/20

Job Purpose: To assist a man who has suffered a brain injury with daily tasks to enrich his life

Location: Bacton, NR12

I am a man in my 50’s I use a stick to aid mobility, I unfortunately suffered a brain injury following a motorcycle accident some years ago and in addition now suffer from Early Onset Alzheimer’s. I like a calm, quiet life, and enjoy working on my allotment, in the greenhouse and going fishing. I would like someone who shares my interests and can support me to enjoy this, giving my wife some respite. Because I am a well-built man it is necessary for my PA to be able to cope with my physicality, although I do not require help with personal care.

May include other duties, to be discussed

Person specification

Listed below are the skills, competencies and qualities that are essential and desirable for the post. My assessment of these, both on application and at interview, will be the main factor in determining if you are successful. Please refer to these when submitting your application.

• Calm
• Patient
• Reliable
• Flexible

• Shared interests