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Personal Assistant DPSS284


£9.01 per hour

Direct Payment Support Service

Closing Date: 06/07/20

Job Purpose: To provide domestic and personal support for older lady, enabling her to remain in her own home.

Location: Barney, Norfolk

I am an older lady who is hard of hearing, and I require friendly support to allow me to maintain my independence in my home. This will include domestic tasks such as cleaning, laundry and shopping, as well as prompting me to take my medication regularly and preparing meals. I like to have someone to chat with, and I can manage my own personal care.

May include other duties, to be discussed

Person specification

Listed below are the skills, competencies and qualities that are essential and desirable for the post. My assessment of these, both on application and at interview, will be the main factor in determining if you are successful. Please refer to these when submitting your application.

• Calm
• Patient
• Reliable
• Flexible