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Occupational Therapist

Great Yarmouth


Milestones Hospital

Closing Date: 24/06/20

POSITION: Occupational Therapist



ACCOUNTABLE TO: Hospital Manager

SALARY: £28,641 – £36,000

Role Summary:

The post holder will take responsibility for the coordination, assessment, delivery and evaluation of in-house and external occupational, reintegration and rehabilitation programmes to patients detained under the aegis of the mental health act and informal status. They will be active in communicating with other disciplines within the team, ensuring the transfer of clinical information in accordance with the requirements of the Care Programme Approach.

The post holder will devise independent treatment programmes which will enable patients to carry out activities or occupations independently, with increased confidence.

The post holder would be expected to review treatment periodically, evaluate progress and modify the treatment as appropriate.

The post holder will actively lead and support the function of the rehabilitation and reintegration programme goal designed for the Mews step down service. The aim of which is:

  • To promote recovery and prevent repeated cycles of relapse and readmission by providing the services and support necessary for patients to achieve their optimum level of mental health, social and occupational functioning.
  • To provide therapeutic, social, and recreational opportunities, which will aid in skill development, and advance the achievement of individual and mental health goals.
  • To strengthen feelings of self-esteem and self-efficacy.
  • To engage appropriate family support and provide links to necessary resources that will aid in avoiding issues of social isolation, homelessness and institutionalization.


The post holder will be expected to undertake the following duties and roles:

Patient Care:

  • To provide Occupational Therapy to patients detained under the Mental Health Act.
  • To assess patients’ level of occupational functional skills and to work collaboratively with the patient group to design and implement occupational therapy sessions for individual patients and groups.
  • Through collaboration with other disciplines, develop and deliver clinical services to patients in order to carry out a range of assessments and intervention plans.
  • Provide a unique occupational therapy contribution to the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of patients and provide written reports where required.
  • Attend and contribute to Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings.
  • To effectively lead and support a small team of Occupational Therapy assistants and coordinate the function of their roles in line with service scope.

Work Activities: –

  1. Undertake formal Occupational Therapy assessments and transfer outcomes into plans of care, meaningful actively, suitable external education programs and work experience.
  2. Advise on specialist equipment to assist with daily activities
  3. Develop a rehabilitation and reintegration program to help re-build lost skills and restore lost confidence.
  4. Teach psycho education groups and associated workshops
  5. Assist patients into work
  6. Support patients with budgets management and handling of money.
  7. Encourage activities to help patients develop or enhance their social skills and reduce anxieties surrounding social interaction
  8. Help patients develop skills to manage maladaptive coping strategies and emotional disturbances.
  9. Liaise with a wide variety of other professionals, such as doctors, psychologists, dieticians, social workers, as well as patient’s families, carers and employers
  10. Compose reports and attend multidisciplinary case meetings to present, plan and review ongoing treatment
  11. Organise support groups for carers, where appropriate.
  12. Support the development of junior staff
  13. To supervise junior staff


Patient Care: –

  1. Plan, deliver and evaluate treatment programmes for patients, working within the frameworks of professional governing bodies, statutory requirements and the expectations of regulatory authorities.
  2. Practice within the framework of the policies and procedures of Milestones, ensuring that the planning and delivery of care is patient centred and that work is undertaken with patients in a spirit of openness and collaboration.
  3. Ensure that all plans of therapy, subsequent changes and evaluations are communicated to the wider multi-disciplinary team, ensuring continuity of approach.
  4. Ensure that all progress notes and other elements of the Health Record are completed in a cogent, comprehensive and intelligent manner.
  5. Attend, where necessary, case conferences and review meetings

Staff Leadership

  1. Ensure that all staff are aware and clearly directed to the Occupational Therapist assessment outcomes and associated therapy plans.
  2. Ensure that all junior staff are comfortable and competent with the work that they are asked to undertake, offering support, instruction and supervision as required.
  3. Lead and direct the clinical team in all areas pertaining to the Occupational Therapy requirements of the organisation through demonstration of good practice, relevant training and induction programmes
  4. To undertake appraisal and supervisions to junior staff
  5. Facilitation of the learning and development of others actively promote an environment conducive to learning, supporting the development of personal and professional growth, mentorships and preceptorship processes and facilitation of the learning and development of others.


Personal Development:

  1. Undertake to further skills, knowledge base and awareness in respect of issues relating to Mental Health, consistent with enhancing personal and professional development and meeting the aspirations of the organisation in terms of enhancing patient care.
  2. Attend all mandatory training.
  3. Participate in the process of appraisal with a view to identifying strengths and areas for development, formulating a personal professional development plan.
  4. Participate in the process of clinical supervision as a means of reflection on practice with a view to enhancing personal and professional development.



    1. Participate in the system of clinical audit as required.
    2. Participate in the Health and Safety monitoring system as required
    3. Participate in the gathering and collation of data relevant to the organisation as required.
    4. Participate in the internal teaching programme for staff as required.
    5. Attend mandatory staff and organisational meeting.
    6. Undertake any other reasonable duty as requested by Line Manager.
    7. Promptly address, in line with hospital policy, and report any activities, behaviour, incidences that compromise the health, wellbeing and safety of individuals, team and /or the organisation

Person Specification


Occupational Therapist

  • Occupational Therapy qualification and registration with professional body
  • Post graduate experience in mental health services.

Essential Knowledge, Understanding and Values

  • Understanding of and respect for patients with mental health issues
  • Understanding of the mental health act
  • Promote people’s equality, diversity and rights
  • Understanding of and respect for the importance of maintaining and practicing privacy, dignity and confidentiality
  • Ensure actions contribute to quality
  • Knowledge of physical health problems
  • Knowledge of the individual’s responsibility towards health and safety
  • Understanding and practice of complaints handling
  • Understanding of working with other agencies/multi-disciplinary working
  • Knowledge of using Occupational Therapy assessment tools
  • Should possess a good understanding of the complex nature of the various patient groups.

Essential Skills

  • Ability to treat patients with mental health illnesses and disabilities with respect and sensitivity
  • Ability to assess, plan, implement and evaluate programs of care
  • Ability to work collaboratively as a clinical team and work collaboratively with patients
  • Ability to work alone
  • Excellent communication skills; oral, written and non-verbal
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Assertion
  • Present reports and use data effectively
  • Maintain clear and legible documentation
  • Good IT skills
  • Numeracy skills
  • Ability to demonstrate an organised approach to work, prioritise and meet deadlines
  • Use own initiative and take decisions
  • To be able to work within the organisations policies and procedures at all times
  • Ability to participate physically in control and restraint training and practices.
  • Ability to carry out physical duties such as personal care when required.

Essential Attitude

  • Calm, tolerant, tactful, self-motivated, patient and understanding
  • Ability to work in stressful situations
  • To present as approachable and courteous to others at all times
  • Will be able to demonstrate initiative and a proactive approach to personal continuing professional development.
  • Will offer appropriately balanced and experienced views and be able to demonstrate the ability to work positively with patients and colleagues.

Desirable Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes

  • Further training/qualifications relating to job role and evidence of professional development
  • Prior experience of working in a specialist mental health setting
  • Prior experience of lone working
  • Prior experience of leading/coordinating junior staff
  • Car driver with current, valid, Driving License
  • Good literacy and numeracy skills
  • Prior experience of conducting supervision and appraisals to junior staff
  • Experience of working in a secure environment

Other requirements

  • Ability to attend staff meetings as and when required
  • Attend all mandatory training and meetings set by the company
  • Participate fully in the supervision and appraisal process
  • Have the ability to effectively participate in the practice of control and restraint
  • Car driver with current, valid, Driving License
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