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Enabling Support Worker Required, DPSS722


Between £12.01-15.00 Per Hour

Part Time

Direct Payment Support Service

Closing Date: 03/12/21

Job Description: Enabling support worker.
I’m a young man with Cerebral Palsy and mild Learning disabilities looking for someone to support and enable me, empowering me to be able to continue living independently in my own home and supporting me to go to my workplace, three times a week.  My P.A’s  support me with everyday domestic tasks including laundry and meal preparation as well as social activities, going shopping, to the Gym, and occasional Cinema and pub lunches (which they will have with me). It is important to maintain an accurate record of my activities and times of support visits, which we do using a white board. I already have one P.A. and am seeking a second person to allow me to have support 7 days a week, this position will require one working weekend per month.
A full schedule of regular activities is available for any candidate interested in applying and requiring further information.
Person specification

Listed below are the skills, competencies and qualities that are essential and desirable for the post. My assessment of these, both on application and at interview, determine if you are successful. Please refer to these when submitting your application.

·        Driver/own vehicle with relevant class of business insurance
·        An understanding of the barriers facing disabled people.
·        Working with a consistent approach.

·        Good sense of humour, patience, motivated individual.

Code of Conduct:
·         Personal Mobile phones can be left on/vibrate for emergency phone calls when working but it is not permitted to take personal calls whilst carrying out duties.  This will be taken on trust.
·         Employees should be clean and tidy in appearance, there is no dress code.

·         Please be aware that this is a non-smoking household, and smoking is not permitted within the gated residential area.

It is crucial that the employer is notified as soon as possible of sickness leave needed. The employer will be the backup and it is crucial that time is allowed for the shift to be covered.
Once the employer is notified it is expected that Christian will then be informed by telephone with the back up in place which should be told to Christian, name, timings etc.
Summary terms and conditions:
The rate of pay for this position is £12.50 per hour
You will be reimbursed for any agreed expenses incurred as part of the role.
Hours of working are 10.5 hours per week and one weekend per month for 10 hours, Five hours Saturday and five hours Sunday. You will be working with another support worker and there may be times when your weekend working needs to be changed with agreement with the other support worker.
Holidays: 5.6 weeks holiday per year, two weeks of which will need to be taken at the same time as employers holiday. Other dates by arrangement at the start of each year.

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