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NHS Services - community and hospital based

These services can range from community support being provided in people’s homes and clinic settings to support being provided in hospitals (community and acute) that offer an range of  outpatient and inpatient treatment and support. Some settings have facilities to provide for emergency care. There are also specialist hospitals focusing on providing mental health support and treatment, where a person experiencing a crisis in their mental health can receive tailored treatment and support. Some people choose to be admitted to this type of setting and for others the choice may have to be made on their behalf following a Mental Health Act assessment. Roles within these settings can include health care roles, health and social care roles, social care roles, and ancillary roles such as administration, cleaning, HR and management.

East Coast Community Healthcare

East Coast Community Healthcare CIC (ECCH) is a staff owned Social Enterprise, providing community based NHS and social care in Norfolk & Suffolk.  

NHS Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group
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